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All Seasons Tree Service has been providing the people in Spokane with quality tree services for over 20 years. We are the local authority on tree trimming and removal. The secret of our success is our commitment to serving others and putting clients first. These values have made us the top tree company in town and have earned us the support and trust of numerous customers.

Tree Trimming Service in Spokane

p10006981Tree trimming is done for several reasons. Trees look better and are healthier if they are trimmed on a regular basis. Trimming also provides clearance from overhead structures and wires. If the tree limbs are too close to a roof, they can cause damage. This is so, because the roof cannot dry adequately. In addition, it is possible for animals to reach your attic space, using the limbs of the tree.

Our tree trimming service includes the trimming of your trees’ exterior branches, which allows us to create a shape that will fit your landscape and create a clearance away from any structures, power lines, or trees. Cutting tree branches has to be done in the proper way. A branch does not have to be cut too much, because this will affect the structural solidarity of the tree. On the other hand, a tree technician shouldn’t leave too much of the branch behind, as the remaining part will become infested with various organisms and pests. Our employees are well trained and properly equipped to do the job right.

Tree Removal in Spokane

10426285_10205367357244228_1874559062393628513_nA tree has to be removed when it is beyond redemption, if it does not suit your landscape, or if it is standing in the way of something such as a driveway, for example. Removing a tree is a physically challenging task that requires the right tools and skills. At All Seasons Tree Service, we have the expertise, experience and equipment to perform the job correctly. After cutting the tree, we will grind the stump. This is done to decrease ground disruption, as well as the risk of damaging pipes, cables and drains.

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