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Tree Removal Safety Tips

Pruning an orange tree with secateurs.Removing large trees is not a job for amateurs. Even experienced contractors have problems taking down big trees. This means that the risk of something bad happening is very high. That’s why the most important thing in tree removal is safety. Here are some basic tree removal safety rules. Make sure your contractor sticks to them.

When Dealing with Trees Planted Close to Power Lines

There are strict regulations regarding trees that are close to electricity lines. One of them states that all trees closer than ten feet from power lines must be removed by licensed tree removal specialists. Additionally, the contractor must also inform your utility provider of their intention to remove a tree that is close to their power lines.

Careful Planning

The key to a successful tree removal process is to carefully plan every single aspect of the task, and make sure everything goes according to the plan. Additionally, you must think of all the things that can go wrong during the cutting. For instance, the tree may change its direction when falling, and end up damaging your property. You should take all these aspects into consideration, and prepare for the worst.

Safety Equipment

Road cleaning - cutting tree branchesAll workers should wear safety goggles, heavy-duty gloves and safety helmets. Flying debris and falling branches are pretty common in tree removal projects, so you have to make sure your contractor doesn’t take any risks. If the tree is big, your contractor may decide to use a climber to cut the tree from top, down. You have to make sure the climber wears safety equipment and reliable climbing gear.

All Seasons Tree Service is fully aware of these safety rules, and guarantees a safe and efficient tree removal process. All you have to do is call (208) 660-7461. We are the best tree service provider in Spokane, WA.

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