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When it comes to trees, All Seasons Tree Service is the tree specialist you need


Your trees can become more exposed to fungus, disease, and insects  when proper tree care techniques are not followed during trimming and pruning. All Seasons Tree Service as your local tree care contractor understands when and how to prune and trim trees so that the tree can heal more quickly and create a layer of protection over the pruned or trimmed area, minimizing any risk of; fungus, disease or insects.

  • Serving Spokane, WA and surrounding areas.
  • Phone: (208) 660-7461 or (208) 819-5019

Trees can be pruned or trimmed to promote health and vigor, as well as to increase the structural stability of a tree. Pruning and trimming trees improves air flow and sunlight penetration between the branches which keeps the tree more healthy, as well as the health of the lawn and landscaping underneath.

Here at All Seasons Tree Service, we are very fortunate to have on our crew some of the most experienced climbers, ground crew, customer service, and tree care specialists within the industry, ensuring you receive expert advice and top quality workmanship at all times. We have been in the industry for over 20 years, and have been in business since 2008, so you can rest assured that we are the best option for your tree service needs.

We encourage all our crew members to be in continual learning, to further their training and knowledge, so we can ensure we remain at the leading edge of new techniques, methods and developments. Whether that is through in house on the job training or outside learning materials and seminars that we cover or provide.

We are capable of providing thorough property consultation reports upon request.

Call us (208) 660-7461 or (208) 819-5019